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  • a group of people standing in front of a building

    Our Inflatable Pub 32

    Want to bring our wee pub to your place?

    We've got you covered.... it's like the bounce house for grown ups!

    30'x20'x18' our inflatable pub is sure to make an impression.

    Book it for your outdoor event, birthday party, neighborhood association event, wedding, wake or well, really any event you can think of.

    We have everything you'll need to have your very own Irish pub for the day or night.

    Rent the pub on its own just like a bounce house or have us bring the party too, we can stock the bar with whatever you like, bring canned or bottled beer or why not have some Guinness on tap?

    Give us a call on 941-952-3070 for more information or click here to contact us directly.

  • a large dining table topped with food and wines in an even larger room which is decorated with lights hanging from the ceiling

    Whiskey Room

  • Main Dining Table

    Main Dining Room

  • a dining room table

    Main Bar